The Edge of Success

The Edge of Success

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Thursday, November 2nd, 2017
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The Edge of Success
Directed by Liza Meak and Kathryn Basiji

Many parents buy a house in Palo Alto for its quality of life, but also, increasingly, for the chance to send their children to one of its schools—considered by many to the best in the country. And yet tragically, eleven Palo Alto-area high school students have killed themselves this decade, causing the school board, the local community, and even the nation to ponder what these elite schools are doing wrong, or whether it's even fair to lay the blame on the high pressure of their curriculums and college acceptance expectations.

Incisive and thought-provoking, Liza Meak and Kathryn Basiji's "The Edge of Success" follows the lives of students and parents at one Palo Alto school, who are trying to put their lives in perspective and plan for a bright future, while attempting to face these tragedies and understand exactly why they happened.

Moderator: Andrew Gersh

Andrew Gersh
Andrew Gersh is a documentary film and video editor based in Berkeley, California. His work has appeared on PBS, ABC, MSNBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Turner Broadcasting, the BBC and Channel 4, UK and in theaters worldwide. He is also the editor of Shaleece Haas' "Real Boy," which screened at Rough Cuts in March, 2015 and was broadcast on "Independent Lens" last June.